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If you have a studio within 60 miles of a major airport and would like to open your studio up to a Barre Body® training, please email us. Thank you!

Our Mission

Barre Body® offers professional training for dance and fitness instructors to obtain their barre teacher certification. We certify and license our teachers in a full body workout created by dancers for everyone. Our method utilizes a customizable and interchangeable format focusing on seamless choreography and musicality, all within a sustainable business model and friendly, supportive community.

The Method

Barre Body® is a workout created by dancers for everyone! In a ballet-inspired class set to a mix of upbeat music, students use a variety of props to promote the development of long, lean muscles like those associated with a dancer’s body – giving them that “barre body” look.

The Method

Barre Body® is a workout created by dancers for everyone! The ballet barre, in addition to other props such as light hand weights, balls, and exercise bands, are incorporated into exercises to help support the body in dynamic movement. This promotes the development of long, lean muscles like those associated with a dancer’s body, giving students that “barre body” look. Barre Body® utilizes the same principles as Pilates wherein you create stability in your body, strengthen and stretch your muscles, and increase your stamina through an invigorating workout targeting your upper body, abdominals, seat, and thighs. Classes are set to a mix of upbeat and soothing music to match the flow of the class.


Barre Body® currently offers two class levels, an Express class and specialty classes such as Barre Body® Ballet, Barre Body® Hip Hop and Barre Body® Bootcamp.

Teacher Certification

If you are looking for a barre teaching training and think you have what it takes to teach this invigorating workout targeting the upper body, abdominals, seat, and thighs, read on to find out about the advantages the Barre Body® training program offers instructors.


  • Offers a well-rounded program developed by professionally trained dancers and certified Barre Body® teacher trainers

  • Gives you the tools to teach safely and effectively through our Barre Body® technique and anatomy courses

  • Provides you with basic knowledge of musicality and suitable music choices

  • Delivers online continuing education as well as choreography and musical playlist updates for licensed Barre Body® instructors

  • Invites you to participate in business and teaching roundtable discussions for continued support beyond your weekend training

Benefits of the Barre Body® Workout

  • Shapes and tones muscles without adding excess bulk

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness and stamina

  • Challenges coordination and balance

  • Enhances posture

  • Creates longer, leaner, and more flexible muscles

  • Heightens body awareness and inspires a mind-body connection

  • Is offered in an efficient 45-55 minute full body workout

  • Serves as a great stress reliever

  • AND most of all, is fun!