The Barre Body® training provides instructors the opportunity to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to structure a 45-55 minute Barre Body® class, including appropriate time management and flow of exercises

  • Learn basic ballet vocabulary and proper Barre Body® technique

  • Understand how to appropriately use cues and articulate safety considerations

  • Learn the basics of counting music and receive guidance on effective musical choices

  • Enhance one’s voice and energy to promote rhythm and keep students engaged!


Individuals applying for the Barre Body® Level 1 certification program may be asked to meet the following pre-requisites :

  • Be certified in or have documented experience teaching another fitness discipline such as Pilates, yoga, group fitness, or dance 

  • Have taken at least five Barre Body® classes or another approved Barre class.

Please contact us​ if you do not meet the above requirements or have questions about becoming a Barre Body® teacher. 


The Barre Body® Level 1 training program is an extensive 16-hour course providing detailed information on how to structure a Barre Body® class, teach specific exercises, and select appropriate music. The training will also introduce exercise variations, modifications, and safety considerations. Participants will learn basic ballet vocabulary and movements. Lessons in musicality will review basic concepts of counting music and the importance of music choices in a class.

Following the training course, participants will have the information necessary to teach a basic Barre Body® class. Additional variations and modifications will be provided as part of continuing education and choreography updates through our licensing program. Licensing enhances the ability to maintain a high quality educational program and brand awareness. In addition to providing teacher training, Barre Body® offers instructors, business owners and studio managers the opportunity to obtain ongoing benefits through our licensing program.


Barre Body® Level 1 Training - $550 (includes first year's teaching license). Please contact us for additional pricing information.

Early bird registration is $500 (when available) and ends two weeks prior to course date. 


Cancellation Policy: You must cancel your registration one month prior to the training to receive an 80% refund. If you cancel less than one month but up to two weeks prior to the training you will receive an 80% credit to be used for a future training weekend. If you cancel less than two weeks in advance you will forfeit your full payment.


The Barre Body® Training Guide and other materials will be provided at the start of the training. Participants should purchase the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant in advance of the training if they do not already own it. The book is available on Amazon and digital or paperback copies are acceptable.

  • Participants must attend all 16 hours in order to receive a certificate; all students are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to training start time each day to ensure that they are ready to begin each day on time.

  • The certification program requires students to workout each day as they learn the exercises and serve as practice bodies for other students in the training program. Individuals with active injuries that will limit their physical activity should contact us to determine if they are able to participate in the Barre Body® training at this time.


Licensing enhances the ability to maintain a high quality educational program and brand awareness. In addition to providing the initial teacher training, Barre Body® offers instructors and studio managers the opportunity to obtain ongoing benefits through our licensing program, including but not limited to:

  • Online and in-person continuing education courses

  • Quarterly choreography and music playlist suggestions

  • Community forums and teacher discussions

Individual instructor licensing details are available. Licensing is a required component of being a Barre Body® teacher. Please contact us at barrebodytrainng@gmail.com for licensing information.