Barre Body® Level 1

A modern, challenging, and safe barre class that sculpts your body while providing a calorie-burning cardio workout. Set to an up tempo and fun mix of music ranging from classical to contemporary, this class targets specific muscle groups through repetitive movements. It incorporates weights, therabands, exercise balls, and the ballet barre to build core strength while developing long, lean, flexible muscles.

Barre Body® Level 2

Barre Body® Level 2 is an advanced approach to a traditional Barre Body® class and incorporates advanced variations, integrates more complex choreography, and flows quickly with less time for setup. This class draws on both ballet and jazz disciplines with more emphasis on dance and ballet vocabulary and combinations. 

Barre Body® Express


This class provides the same challenging workout as a regular Barre Body® class but in a 45-minute length. Express classes are offered in a slightly condensed timeframe at certain points of the day to help fit into your busy schedule. These classes follow the same format as their full length counterparts but will get you moving faster and keep you going. 

Barre Body® Hip Hop


Barre Body® Hip Hop is a blend of a traditional hip hop class and a Level 1 Barre Body® class. This workout is designed to expose students to basic hip hop skills, add a higher level of cardio, and give students a full Barre Body® workout.

Barre Body® Ballet

Barre Body® Ballet is an innovative approach that blends a traditional ballet class and a Level 1 Barre Body® class. The purpose of this class is to expose participants to traditional ballet work and also give students the benefits of a Barre Body® workout that are not taught in traditional ballet classes (abdominal, floor barre, and upper body weight work). The class incorporates both classical and upbeat music. 

Barre Body® Bootcamp


Get a cardio and strength training workout with our signature Barre Body® Bootcamp class. The bootcamp circuit combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning followed by targeted stretching. The class continues with traditional Barre Body® exercises to tone, trim, and lengthen at the barre, in the center, and on the mat.

Barre Body® Stretch


Barre Body® Stretch is an intense stretch class based on the ballet fundamentals of lengthening the muscles and challenging the breath. After a quick paced Barre Body® warm-up the class moves into a variety of deep and dynamic stretches for the whole body using the ballet barre, therabands, and other props. Through this athletic stretching methodology one holds stretches for increasing increments as the muscles warm-up and become more flexible.