why choose barre body®?

Barre Body® creators and teacher trainers hold BA and BFA degrees in Dance or Dance Education and include professionally trained and experienced dancers, thus offering superior training and expertise for a ballet-inspired workout. Our Barre Body® teacher trainers are certified Pilates instructors, former professional dancers, professional dance instructors, or a combination of the above.

Barre Body® also offers the benefit of belonging to a community where we aim to help instructors, studio managers, and owners build and maintain a sustainable program.

why choose studio body logic®?

Founded by Karen Garcia in 1996, Studio Body Logic® was the first studio in Northern Virginia to offer barre classes beginning in 2009, and since then has continued to build its Barre Body® classes and instructor certification program. Studio Body Logic® was also the first Authentic Pilates studio in Northern Virginia. At Studio Body Logic®, an unbroken legacy exists from Joseph Pilates to master teacher Romana Kryzanowska to our director, Karen Garcia, by providing instructors of the highest caliber for our students within a warm and supportive studio environment.

what are the pre-requisites to becoming a barre body® instructor?

Individuals applying for the certification program should be certified in or have documented experience teaching another fitness discipline such as Pilates, yoga, group fitness, or dance and must have taken at least 5 Barre Body® classes or other approved barre classes. Please review the how to apply section for more details and other requirements.

why are there pre-requisites for the certification program?

We want to ensure that the training program will meet your needs as a fitness professional and that you will be successful in the program.

what if i am not certified in another fitness discipline or do not have documented experience teaching another fitness discipline?

For individuals who do not have prior experience or certification, please contact us for more information on Barre Body® training opportunities that may be a good fit for you.

can i host a barre body® training at my studio or off-site location?

Yes. Subject to scheduling availability, Barre Body® teacher trainers can travel to your studio and conduct a training course for you and your staff. Please contact us for more information.

can i get continuing educating credits, such as american council on exercise (ace) or aerobics and fitness association of america (afaa) credits, from this program?

Please stay tuned for more information.